3 Forex Trading Strategies To Increase Your Business’ Earnings

For the most part, forex trading strategies for investors can be figured out in two parts – speculating and hedging. This kind of binary classification has been created for investors who are new to this market and often resort to using forex trading bots like HBSwiss to help to make some profits in the early days of their foray into these trades.

Trading strategies are in place so that investors can try out new ways in which to make a profit. Making a profit in any kind of market is a good thing overall. Most analysts welcome vigorous activity in the trading markets. Active trading means there is money in circulation. Money in circulation usually indicates a healthy economy.

When it comes to trading strategies, there are plenty of tried and tested methods that will serve your purpose. Let’s look at the top 3:

  1. The Bladerunner Trade: According to analysts and experienced traders, this is an easy trade and offers a fairly insightful look into how the price of a pair of currencies will work out. The tests used to check the price point – the 20 EMA – is said to be so incisive that it is the blade which cuts through the layers! Hence the name of this trading strategy. More importantly, you can use this strategy at any time of day to great success.
  2. Daily Fibonacci Pivot Trade: While the name sounds complicated and difficult, if you know the things to look out for in this trade, it is a guaranteed success for you! If you’re a math whiz and understand arithmetic progressions, then this one’s right up your alley. You need to analyze the trades of the previous five days of a currency pair and draw a Fibonacci-based on that. Once you’ve worked out where the trade confluence levels are then you can enter the trading day confident of your success.
  3. Bolly Band Bounce Trade: This trade is not for those who are new to the trading market. This involves a fair bit of calculations as well as bucking the trend. If you’re someone who is looking for safe trading options, then, clearly you’ve chosen the wrong kind of trade. Make sure that you’ve got the stomach to take a risk in a market that will give you ranges and not a certainty.

If you need to track signals or create one, there are always bots like HB Swiss to do the job for you. That being said, forex trading is one kind of market venture that you cannot take lightly. When done right the dividends are immensely gratifying.